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Payment Methods




- Bank account (free of charge BIC & IBAN)

- Paypal (fee)

- cash (registered mail)


All info will be in the email you receive after placing an order.
An official invoice will be shipped inside the package.

There are two options to make an online payment: 
Banktransfer or Paypal.

All European customers can use a banktransfer or paypal,

all non-European customers must use paypal.

Banktransfers are free of charge by using these codes: "Iban" & "Bic".

If you want to use paypal you can get a free account here:
By using paypal the total price of your order will be 3,4% higher because of the paypalfees.



The Belgium VAT/BTW % is 21% on your order.

The record prices on discogs are incl. VAT/BTW

An official invoice will be shipped inside the package.



We work with proffesional packaging materials

(cardboard record mailers, stiffners, fragile sticker)

5% handling (excl. VAT) is charged for the packaging materials & cleaning.

You will receive all our payment details after every order you make.

We can not guarantee you how long a payment will take.

Here is some info, so you got an idea:

Payments within Belgium:  1 to 3 workdays. (banktransfer)
Payments within Europe:   3 to 5 workdays. (banktransfer)
Payments via paypal: In less than an hour, itís the fastest way.

All online orders will be shipped asap after payment!
We ship on friday crew





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